Audra Christie is a Maine based artist working with installation, printmaking and socially engaged art. Christie's work focuses in a variety of topics ranging from ethics, craft, localism, conviviality, the rural and community in formats that are widely varied including public installations, bingo, community dinners and other community based events. Christie received her BFA in Interdisciplinary fine arts with a concentration in the visual arts at the University of Maine at Machias in 2003 and with her MFA in studio art, at the Maine College of Art in Portland, ME in May 2015.


Her alternative, off-the-grid lifestyle in rural downeast Maine influences her art practice greatly. Christie finds herself living within the rural, that supports a tangible interconnectedness between community members, fosters stronger ties and naturally encourages a rugged yet graceful resourcefulness. Wanting to explore the intersection between art and life and how art can strengthen a community, she chose her own as platform for her socially engaged art-works.

Christie produces socially-based projects, often reflecting on issues of community, dialogue and value that are regarded under the area of socially engaged art. Her work creates convivial immersive experiences that respond to the social history of their sites, while simultaneously striving to eliminate the boundaries between artist and viewer, art and life.



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