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Vintage crocheted blankets, instant pictures


I have always been a maker.  I'm drawn to tedious, repetitious and meditative processes, which inevitably would lead to an ultimate destination, a final "thing".  Once clinging so tightly to the idea of an end result, I now use materials that someone else spent hours on. Something that was made up of many hours of making, has now become raw material for more than just a finished "thing".  I am still a maker, but one of a different kind, utilizing objects envisioned and made by other people. Instead of constructing an object out of materials, I am creating situations out of objects.

The presence of craft in some form, is a key element in my work.  Materials that have the capacity to hold their "thing-ness" and simultaneously become another object is important.  What the item was and still is, can still be useful and informative in relation to the content of the work. Crocheted blankets immediately brings to mind a feeling of familiarity, family, comfort, softness, warmth and color.  The familiar and kinetic relationships associated with the materials are what draw the viewer in. The application in which I apply those materials creates opportunity that inspires the viewer to engage, explore and think about what they are seeing in a different way; drawing out inherent perceptions and relationships with materials that are instilled in everyone.  


Objects hold memories, they are imbued with the past which then informs the present. Therefore, subverting objects and materials to invoke these reflections of memory, charges the environment they inhabit. By doing this I am creating new spaces and playful social experiments which manifest situations out of those pre-made objects. When a situation arises, one approaches with all the knowledge they have gathered thus far.  If the circumstance that holds the object contradicts or challenges these assumptions of what we know to be true, then a pause to analyze, engage and extrapolate will ensue.

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