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Alt. Bingo Poster
Alt. Bingo Postcard

Alt. Bingo is an event that is focused on the community. By fostering community building through a pre existing familiar game and fun tradition, this event promotes a shared practice of exchange amongst members of a geographical community. Alt. Bingo has been held at the Cherryfield Academy in November 2014-17, where many other social functions have occurred.


This event was free to everyone. Instead of cash, prizes included the donation of handmade items or skilled services by members of the community. This highlighted the importance of the different types of things that people, who make up a supportive community, have to offer it. Prior to the event, donations were collected from members of the community or brought to the event. Donated items included, a dozen eggs, vegetables from personal gardens, handmade items, a jar of homemade canned goods, a knit hat, some firewood, etc. These items were won by getting a "bingo", participants drew from a bin to see which item they had won. When all prizes were won, bartering and swapping was encouraged before the event was over.


In some years, live music was supplied by local musicians and played throughout the event. Refreshments were sold to benefit the Cherryfield Academy.


Members of the community benefited from this event through social exchange and the highlighting of cultural and use value of, different skills members have to offer; giving people a joint purpose and intention. This event included collaborative elements through organizing and the donation of items and/or attending the event.


Alt. Bingo focuses on localism and participation to encourage generosity and the use of community spaces. I encourage people to host an Alt. Bingo in their own community. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about Alt. Bingo.

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