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Frozen Blanket Project


When I place a crocheted blanket, frozen solid and flat with water, out in the landscape; a juxtaposition is brought forth.  The site is familiar, the materials are familiar, but the application is not. Because of this, more questions and modes of thinking can arise and sharpens awareness. Therefore my creation of spaces stimulate interaction that fosters a communal experience, which is important to my process.


It is the places that people frequent in the everyday that attract me. Putting work out into the public, unsolicited, is challenging, yet it has it’s advantages too. Our previous experiences govern our perceptions about how we will interpret the future. Therefore, when I choose a site; I take into account what people may take from the other things in the site apart from the work. Do they aid in the content?  If not, chances are, those factors could distract from the spontaneous nature of the work. This spontaneity is important to the experience and crucial to my work.

I imagine a frozen blanket in a gallery space, with white walls and suppose that a gallery goer would immediately see the object as art, because it is in a art gallery. Placing the same frozen blanket, “guerrilla art” style, in the public, creates many more questions and modes of thinking. The site is familiar, the materials are familiar, but the application is not.  This engages a much richer dialogue with the piece, creating new experiences and situations.

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