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The Wednesday Spinners - spinning in the installation

Intertwine is an art installation that blurs the line between art and life by placing these traditional fiber crafts; spinning, knitting and weaving, into a traditional gallery space and creating an opportunity for the public to enter and experience these crafts with their own hands.


Curated crafting experiences, where local fiber artists are invited to gather inside the gallery and create, will occur through the duration of the project and offer opportunities for the public to connect with these fiber artists and their skills.


I am a Maine based artist working with installation, fiber art, printmaking and socially engaged art. The presence of craft in some form is a key element in my work. Interaction with the physical presence of the materials is a personal, yet simultaneously shared experience.


I work with community as medium. The ability to create situations of collaboration is a skill I cultivate to bring people into my practice. Conversation can be a process that creates an interpersonal fabric from individual threads, a process of weaving that recalls the common starting point of text and textile.

The intertwining of people presents an opportunity for exchange: the exchange of ideas, skills, resources and experience of viewpoints. The community can be understood as the interaction of multiple voices. The strength is in the differences as much as the similarities; we each bring something different to exchange. My work is based in the rural. The urban holds the voice of cultural centrality, while in the rural there is an independence that exists at the overlap of the historical and traditional.

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